Monday, 27 October 2008


The man on the far left is, as I'm sure you know, George Osborne, the Tory shadow Chancellor. He's in the headlines these days for something that happened (or didn't, depending on who you ask) on the Greek island Corfu last summer. I argue he should also be questioned about this photo. You can sorta guess he's a Tory, can't you. Not much LibDem about that patronising look. It's partly the outfit, but also the way he looks at us. He almost says 'I'm know I'm gonna be Tory Chancellor one day and I have the White Tie suit to prove it. Trust me with your money, they'll be safe!' 

I have absolutely nothing against dressing up. On the contrary, I'm more than partial to the occasional suit and tie. But look at these boys - they have just graduated from Eton/Cambridge/Oxford/whatever and they know they're going to be successful politicians, bankers or business men. It's from the early Nineties, which is an explanationI suppose, but not an excuse.

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