Monday, 20 October 2008

Kim Jong - are you ill?

As his health - and even death - is specualted upon, we take this oppurtunity to highlight the impeccable style of Kim Jong-il's Comedy Communism. Our Dear Leader (or at least North Koreas) has not been seen since mid-August and recent pictures of him are thought to have been taken last summer. Is he ill, is he dead? Or maybe he's just chill-axing on Aya Napa, raving away through the night in his sunglasses, platform shoes and crazy haircut?

What ever the case - live or dead - Kim Jong-il is a legend on the international fashion circuit and the only true competition to Fidel Castro as the king of Comedy Communism...Enjoy these shots of our Dear Leader:

I'm not sure the last one is the real deal, but wouldn't that be great though? Cheers Kim!

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