Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Me? A Nazi? Oh no! (oh yes mate, oh yes!)

This is Heinz-Christian Strache, an Austrian right wing politicain slash paramilitary Nazi sicko. Oh, you knew? What gave him away? Was it the balaclava? Or the army shirt with an embroidered German flag? Maybe the camouflage combats, nicely tucked into his parachute boots? No, it was the gun, wasn't it? Yeah, most (real) politicians don't carry around a bloody machine gun, do they Heniz-Christian?

The scary bit is of course that this bloke is for real and that his Freedom party took 18% in an recent election in Austria. Another right wing party, Austria's Future, got 11%, which means that almost a third of all voting Austrians voted for parties that think that Islam is "the fascism of the 21st century", mocks gay people, wants to reverse laws that ban Nazi revivalism and is trying to make it illegal to build minarets.

Anyway, what was I gonna say? Oh, yeah - FUCK OFF mate

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