Thursday, 30 October 2008

Oakley Versus Rayban

It's not only Democrats versus Republicans, The Rest Of The World versus Rednecks, Good versus Evil that will be settled on 4 Novmember. No, it goes deeper than that. A lot deeper. Just look at the sunglasses championed by candidates Obama and McCain - Rayban and Oakley.

The Democrat has gone for Rayban, and luckily he's not wearing Wayfarers but a more subtle, less wanky version, which is suitable for a man his age. John McCain though, wears a sporty Oakley pair which makes him look like an old man trying to be something he shouldn't I suppose it makes sense then...

Now you can also buy Rayban-inspired sunglasses promoting your candidate of choice. Unsurprisingly, Obama's looks a lot cooler, don't you think?

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