Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Clarke v Mandelson

Tory peasants versus posh New Labour? Yeah I know, it doesn't make sense. Kenneth Clarke - Chancellor of the Exchequer under John Major's Conservative government in the mid 90's - has been promoted to Shadow Business Secretary by David Cameron. As such he will come face to face with Lord Mandelson, his Labour counterpart.


So far, so good. It's just that perhaps it should've been the other way around. Ken Clarke looks like John Prescott's inbred cousin while Mandelson resembles a long lost cousin of Prince Charles i.e. he looks well posh.

Prince Charles?

Now, I don't believe in stereotyping people (most of the time) but isn't this quite unlikely political duel oh so funny? They both challenge the notion of how we expect our politicians to look. Left is now right and right could very well be leftish. Tories look scruffy, while Labour politicians behave like posh nosh Lords in crushed strawberry pullovers. What has the world come to?


See the this Guardian page for further comparison:

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