Tuesday, 10 February 2009


News has reached these shores about a change in White House policy. No, it's not about Guantanamo Bay or the economy, even though those were a job well done. These concern the dress code of the Oval office. Bush had strict rules - he only allowed people in with ties and suit jackets. 

There are even stories about staff having to stand in the doorway, screaming at the POTUS, because their clobber was deemed too unworthy for entry. Weird, isn't it, how he took a moral high ground on that but let his ethic compass spin freely on other issues like - oh, I don't know - torture, mass-murder and global warming.

Anyway, as this picture shows, Obama allows people to take off their jacket, loosen the tie and even role up their shirt sleeves. We salute him. Formal clothing definitely has a time and a place and the office of POTUS (yes, I've been watching too much West Wing...) should be respected (at least these days) but that doesn't mean that "business casual" can't do the job.

Also, this just in - Obama comes into work later than Bush. He likes a lie-in. Just like me.

Read the full New York Times story here

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