Tuesday, 12 May 2009


It was 30 years since Tory King (Queen?) Pin Margaret Thatcher came to power last week. Depending on who you ask, she either ruined this country beyond recognition or saved its failing glory.

For me it's a pretty easy decision. She managed, probably not intentionally though, to bring out the very worst in people and politicians and left Britain gasping for air when she finally got kicked out. She privatised half the country, just about killed of the mining business, their strike and any half-decent attempt by anyone to form unions.

She also kept the old imperialistic flame burning by going to down to the Falklands to keep it British (Yeah, it's just around the corner from the British Isles, surely it can't belong to Argentina, which is thousands of miles away from the Falklands...)

Anyway, we're not here to lambast Thatcher. Things aren't exactly great now either (Thanks Brown and Blair: Expenses, Cash for honours, Iraq, NHS etc).

There is an interesting debate these days on whether Thatcher should get a state funeral when she dies. Others, like comedian Frankie Boyle, are pondering if she even needs to be dead when we bury her...But the point this time around is to have a closer, stylistic, look at the old Iron Lady.

This is perhaps one of the better MT photos; ice cold blue, yet crisp, oufit and a very serious face. Nice pearls. This is Thatcher at her best

Golden Olden. I don't believe in gold clothes, not even for the Iron Lady. And posing underneath your own statue is never a good look, Maggie...

No wonder they kicked her out. What most people don't know is that what her cabinet was mostly annoyed with was not her politics, but this bloody jacket....

and this one.....tweed? How predictable!

Floral was big in 89, apparently. Reagan looks old here, but he was quite a stylish POTUS come to think of it. Shame about the politics though!

In her older days Maggie has gone quite colourful...

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