Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bercow Speaks as Martin is Silenced

In case you didn't know, we have a new Speaker in the House of Commons. It's John Bercow, a Tory who's apparently loved by Labour MP's and disliked by Conservatives - interesting!

From what I gather this man is only supposed to sit until the next election (May 2010, at the latest) and then there is another Speaker choice, which Bercow can win again of course. He was elected after Labour Speaker Michael Martin resigned last month, the first Speaker to do that since, like, 1523! This was of course in relation to the Expenses Scandal, which left Martin a bit flushed. I wonder how Bercow fared?

Anyway, one good thing is that on his first day as the highest ranking Commoner, Bercow refused to wear that ridiculous costume that Martin, and ancient Speakers dating back to Medieval times, has worn. Bercow looks respectable and trust-worthy, whereas Martin looked like a fat and sacked politician from 1523...

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