Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Go Home And Change, Barack!

Ahh, the obligatory baseball throw. Every American Prezzie needs to do it, as the images below show. Now it was Obama's turn and I'm afraid he didn't fare very well. How did the throw go? What do I know - I'm referring to his stone washed jeans and Nike running shoes. 

Also, I'm not sure about these jackets they started wearing a few years ago. That's all about sucking up to the electorate. No, I prefer the first pictures of JFK, Jimmy and LBJ in suits, looking dapper. At least Georgie's wore a shirt and tie...

It looks like he's got two balls, but we all know he only had one... (you can read that any way you like, mate...)

The most ridiculous one? The Nineties was never good for sportswear, not even on Bill Clinton...

Ahh, the man, the suit, the legend.

What to think about LBJ - did he kill JFK?

No one seems to be looking or to be remotely interested. No I'm not talking about Carter's presidency, I'm referring to his throw....

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