Monday, 28 September 2009

BoJo does EastEnders!

London Mayor Boris Johnson will celebrate the beginning of this weeks Tory conference by appearing on EastEnders - the first popularly elected politician to have a cameo role in the soap opera. BoJo doesn't like missing out on unusual media appearances - We all remember his ELLE cover last month...

It's no wonder than that journalists, like Newsnight's Emily Maitlis, enjoy talking to the London Mayor. This is what she said when William Hague interviewed her for
last week's Observer Magazine:

WH: Are there any politicians who you look forward to interviewing?

EM: The people I enjoy most are the ones who don't stick to script.

WH: So, give us an example…

EM: Um… Boris Johnson: there is always an edge of danger there, which is lovely.

No doubt. Also look out for
When Boris Met Dave, the More4 film co-written by Toby Young about David Cameron and Boris Johnson in the Bullingdon Club, screened on More4 at 9pm on 7 October.

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