Monday, 5 October 2009

Sumo Wrestles Chirac To The Ground

Most politicians and world leaders struggle with post-power life; there are no crisis to solve, no 24/7 attention lavished upon them and not always someone there to listen to every thought that pops into their heads, profound or banal. Ex-president of France Jacques Chirac most likely also feels this way, but it is his dog Sumo, a miniature white maltese, that apparently has found the change of life the most difficult.

And as a way of punishing his master for taking him away from the presidential palace, where Sumo was extremely comfortable it seems, he has taken to biting Monsieur Chirac. It has now happened several times, but recently the attacks has increased in effenciency, leading to Sumo being sent away to the countryside to calm down. This is how the wife, Bernadette Chirac, described the latest incident:

"It was after dinner, I was reading and Sumo was lying on the floor," she said. "My husband came in and the dog jumped up very high in the air and bit him on the stomach. I was extremely frightened by all the blood. It's awful, those little teeth. The dog was raging! He wanted to jump back up and bite him again."

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