Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How to become a Dictator

"Do you want to subvert the rule of law, democracy, human rights, and freedom, and in the name of protecting those things? Do you want to rule over your nation with an iron fist? Than you want to become a dictator; here's how to do it.

Things You'll Need:
- A charismatic personality
- A fearful nation
- Scapegoats for nation's woes
- Devoted followers
- A lack of a conscience...

Step 1
First, there needs to be a problem...
The first step to become a dictator is to identify some area of deep fear and general unhappiness in the general population. Happy, fearless people will never accept a dictator. If there is no problem, a problem can usually be created. Problems include economic woes, religious fears, war, environmental chaos, natural disasters, or any unpleasant things.

Step 2
A scapegoat, such as the devil, must be blamed for all of the nation's problems.
Second, the problem needs to be blamed on a scapegoat. This scapegoat is ideally something or someone that the populace already distrusts. This scapegoat is to be named the cause of all the problems and everything that plagues the life of the people. The scapegoat can be an enemy nation, an ethnic or religious minority group inside the nation, terrorists, communists, capitalists, environmentalists, or a religious enemy such as witches or Satan.

Step 3
A grand cause is needed to become a dictator
Next, identify yourself as the leader of a grand cause or movement to battle and fight with the scapegoat cause of the problem. Identify anyone who does not support you and your crusade against the scapegoat as in league with the scapegoat and therefore a traitor and part of the problem that is affecting everyone.

Step 4
Money and power and influence are more important than widespread popular support
The movement does not need to reach the majority of public support in order to gain power. Instead, all it needs to to is gain the support of key players who have influence in the country. These key groups could include businesses, labor unions, the military, the police, religious organizations, organized crime, or the extremely wealthy.

Step 5
Power should be taken all at once
To become a dictator, one must take power in one fell swoop. This can be done via a military coup, an honest election, a rigged election, or some combination of those three. For example, the election appear to be honest, but the opposition leaders can "mysteriously vanish" the week before the election, if you have control over the police or the military.

Step 6
Once you a dictator, you can do anything you want.
Once you have become a dictator, make a statement that the movement is doing battle against "the enemy within," who allegedly support the scapegoat, and then send as many subtle signals as you can that the enemy is really defined as anyone who does not support you. This will get people in line. Pass your agenda with an iron fist and silence the opposition. You have become a dictator."

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Edyta Knapinska said...

Blimey! After reading it I wish I was a dictator; will advertise for a scapegoat on Gumtree today!