Tuesday, 1 December 2009

And The Gold Goes To...Robert Mugabe!

It's bad, but it's not as bad as you'd think by looking at this picture. Robert Mugabe hasn't won the gold medal in any competition, and especially not in football (maybe in a tournament for Most Stupid Facial Hair...)

The picture is from when the World Cup trophy passed through Zimbawe on it's way down to South Africa, where the tournament is held next year. Everyone protested of course, but Mugabe outwitted them : "Britain does not have any gold, neither does Germany!"

But after telling both UK and Germany the obvious, he also went on to speculate on where the original gold came from: "I am tempted to think that it came from Africa, and from Zimbabwe, and was taken away by adventurers who shaped it into this cup. When I hold the cup, I know all of you will have the urge that I should not let it go because this could be our gold."

Jog on, mate.

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