Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Alastir 'Copper' Campbell and PMQ 13/01/10

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War is in full swing. Many a important and influential people has been to see Chilcot to talk about their role in the lead up to the controversial conflict. They include Christopher 'Red Sock' Meyer and Sir Scarlett, the former UK spy chief. Today saw Mr Spin AKA Alastair Campbell - Blair's then Communication Director - approach the bench, and telling his side of the story. He did so in an almost fluorescent tie, which on this image almost make him look like on of the coppers in their neon yellow Hivis vests....No one is going to mistake you for being a man of the law, Alastair!

In other Iraq related news, Fashion in Politics went to Parliament today for a rendition of Prime Ministers Question; tres exciting! Misters Brown, Cameron and Clegg faced on a number of issues, but - disappointingly - Cameron's first question was about the bad weather and what Brown is doing about it...FiP believes Dave is perhaps overestimating the PM's power....He was of course referring to grit and salt, but nevertheless it was a fairly boring beginning to PMQ!

The first proper cheer came when Lib Dem's Nick Clegg asked if the PM would be seeing Chilcot for spot of confession (my words, not his) Of course Brown said no: "I will follow the Inquiry's directions", he said. Clegg pointed  out it was a question about the PM's "conscious" and that Brown had signed the checks as Chancellor during the invasion prep. What's the PM hiding, Clegg pressed on. "Nothing, I'm just doing what Chilcot tells me to do", he said before saying he had no qualms about the decision to go to war, but regretted that there was not any better post invasion plans prepared.

Undoubtedly the most fun bits was all references to Cameron's airbrushed campaign poster (See post below). "He looks different today compared to his posters!" Brown shouted. Cameron retorted that Brown had been airbrushed out of his own election campaign, referring to last week's failed leadership coup. Gordon won by finishing it off with "Cameron cane have his posters, we have the policies!" 

Yay - who said politics was boring!

Read a PMQ transcript HERE

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