Friday, 8 January 2010

George 'The Clubmaster' Galloway

In a week when Gordon Brown  - or Bordon Brown as we at FiP call him - have suffered extensive blows to his internal credibility, we still turn our eyes to the Middle East. Over there Gorgeous George (Galloway, Respect MP) has been stirring up attention again. Others might argue it's because he was deported from Egypt, or maybe because he had been on the road from London for a month, trying to deliver aid parcels to the Gaza Strip. Galloway wasn't allowed in and was put on a London bound plane.

FiP just can't help noticing that all this happened while GG was wearing a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters. He shouldn't have done that; those glasses are as dead as the wayfarer, three-quarter length shorts and silk shirts. Come on George, you can do better than last year's hipster sunglasses...

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