Monday, 4 January 2010


Golf is often accused of being a ridiculous sport; partly because of the (lack of) sped and its rare occasions of action. Others make fun of it due to the clothes. I think this is a pretty good image though. If anything, more than the sport, it's Obama's length - read long and skinny legs - that makes it comical. I've said it before and will do it again: navy polo shirt and khaki slacks or shorts is a good look. The baseball cap? Well, you can take the man out of America, but you can't take America out of the man...There I said it again...

"Colours are what
keep me alive
colours are what
to hold in my head

colours are where my
my old meets new
colours are where my
my brain finds blue"

Colours, Hot Chip


I could say something about the dress Michelle is wearing; how Hawaiian it is, such an ethnic print, is it a wrap dress from DvF etc. But who cares? I'm more interested in the Secret Service agent holding up the door. what is he wearing? The rule when over sizing an outfit is to just do one piece. Over size the top, leave bottom alone. Over size the trousers but keep the T-shirt 'normal' for optimal effect. This dude has gone for the whole sheebang, and it reminds me of an off-duty Josh Lyman, the Dep Chief of Staff in West Wing. Love josh, not so much his clothes...


But this time around I'll focus on an Obama, rather than the person next to the Obama object (even though I have never been a fan of multi coloured sleeveless hoodies). What is the man wearing? Forget what I said about beige slacks before. Don't like these. I think it's mainly because of the pocket detail. The T-shirt is too big, in the wrong places. See how the shoulder is drooping? Nah thanks, Mr President

Like the look of that ice cream, though....

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