Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Generation Tory Toffs

This is the new generation Tories, according to a Guardian story. They bothered with what they had to say. I didn't. I know anyway. "We need change. We need this and that. Today is bollocks, tomorrow will better", and all that. But no mate, tomorrow won't be all that good as you make it out to be. You'll bloody well find a way to fuck it up.  

Nice parka dude. This reminds me of that politics fashion shoot the Observer did a while back. Shirt by Thomas Pink, Parka by Lambretta, haircut by Mr Topper and magazine by The Spectator. Twat.


Are you getting undressed or are you putting the jacket back on? Either option is disturbing to me. And white. The colour of innocence. What are you hiding?

Trainers? What are you trying to do? Look like 'one of the people'? Put your feet down woman, and get changed - unless you're off for a run? Casual is good, yes, don't take such liberties, Tory woman.

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