Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Nick Henman

It's the night before the election and all three party leaders are still out campaigning. The whole country is of course at home, watching shit telly, so Gordy, Dave and Nicky are probably preaching to their PA. Anyway, we know that Tony Blair once was in a rock band (admittedly they were called Ugly Rumours, but still...), Cameron once dressed daft with his homo erotic band of brothers in the Bullingdon Club and Gordon he....well, never mind what he got up to as a youngster, because he probably doesn't know himself....but now we also know what Nick Clegg did on his adolescent spare time. Tennis. That's him, second from the left, you neo-conservative little social democrat in a cricket jumper! Apparently he also did a bit of amateur theatre. Of course you did mate.

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