Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Donatella + Barack = Shit

Old news, I know - especially in fashion where everything moves oh so fast...But i thought it was worth mentioning anyway since this very much ties the knot between fashion and politics: Donatella Versace's SS09 collection from Milan Fashion Week in June was dedicated to presidential candidate Barack Obama. She called him "the man of the moment” and said her collection was for “a relaxed man who doesn’t need to flex muscles to show he has power.” That would be Barack, yes. Lastly she gave Obama, and all us other relaxed men, some fashion advice: “I would get rid of the tie and jazz up the shirt”. You would say that, wouldn't you Donatella, but then you also champion plastic surgery (and lots of it) and clothes so slutty that they make Jodie Marsh look like my nan...

On another note, this is what Donatella had to say about our dear George W Bush: "I found him to be a very simple man". Indeed, Donatella, indeed.

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