Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Johnny Borrell at the Republican party convent?

This blog doesn't really take political sides so ignore the party colours of this fashion criminal, concentrate on the hideous boots. Actually, you know what - we do take sides! He's a Republican and the photo is from their party convent. McCain and Palin are awful dressers and even worse politicians! There you go, we took a stance. Go Barack, Go Michelle!

There are so many things to say about this geezer - he's obviously from Texas, home of Dubya (stupid), Tbone steaks (fat) and the death penalty (lethal), and he is wearing cowboy boots. With the American flag on them. With his trousers tucked in to them. All of those are wrong seperately. Together it's a case for the Hague Tribunal for war and fashion crimes.

God Bless America, eh?

Photograph: Craig Lassig/EPA

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