Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Bozza Strikes Again

I tried hard not to, but it's difficult not, at least slightly, to like Boris 'Bozza' Johnson. As much as I dislike his poshness, it's something about his choice of words that makes you forgive his Toriness. 

Taster: This is what Bozza said today on his thoughts on the arrest on Tory MP Damien Green a while back: "Yes, obviously, there would be a hoo-hah, a kerfuffle, or a commotion". Who says things like that?

The hair is...what's the right word here...unusual (if we're generous) compared to his peers. His suits often hang a bit loose, but it's when he's 'off-duty' that he amazes the most. Like on the picture above. I know he's out running - at least I hope so - but what politician with a bit of self-respect left would show him/herself in public like that. You have to respect that...

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