Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hugo Chavez Celebrates a Red Decade

It is now ten years since Venezuela's Hugo Chavez came into power and the jury is still out on this guy. There is no doubt that he initially did some good things and fought for the poor people of Venezuela, but lately his nation wide support has been diminished and he lost votes in a recent election.  

The fact that he is lobbying to change the law to allow him to run for another term gives him dictatorship potential. But whatever you think of him there is no doubt he has an interesting wardrobe. Currently, there is no one else who's using so much colours - in this case red - as a political, rather than fashionable, statement.

An unusual, but nice and folksy, shirt and slipover combo. But the red beret is ever-present and hinting at his military power, yet oozing red socialism.

In red again, next to his political hero. I just think he should look towards Castro for his fashion as well - Fidel's wardrobe rocks!

Apparently he can do smart as well, but even then a red tie is a must. No surprises there.

It looks like Venezuela has its own Banksy...

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