Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Michelle Obama Hearts Lanvin

Michelle Obama has a bit of a reputatiaion these days as a High Street Shopper. She, and her children, has at many occansions been seen sporting J.Crew, a cheap American brand. This is of course a clever move in regards to the current financial climate and as an antidote to how the electorate views high-earning politicains and their families.

But Michelle also has another side to her wardrobe. A slightly more expensive and sophisticted version of clothes has begun to transpire. These Lanvin trainers, for example, was shown off the other day. They retail for £365 and, like similar brands, only seem to be more and more expensive for every season that pass. No sign of recession here! But we don't have a problem with MO wearing Lanvin trainers or clothes. They might be expensive, but they are nevertheless classy. I can't really picture Laura Bush wearing them...

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