Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Failed Miss America slash Gay Basher to run against Obama?

America's right wing movement is clearly desperate for a new poster boy (or girl) to re-generate the party's fortune in the wake of Barack Obama's election and inauguration. So desperate indeed that they firstly roped in Sarah Palin to support John McCain, then made Joe the Plumber a household name (no one remembers why) and now the turn has come to Carrie Prejean, a wannabe beauty queen - just like Palin who became Miss Alaska in 1984. 

All of the above individuals represent the next generation of Republicans and Palin is even considering running against PBO in 2012, a fact I'm still not sure I'm suppose to laugh or cry at. 

The latest star is alas Carrie Prejean and she only joined the "debate" a few days ago when she, at the crowning of Miss America in which she was a finalist, said she was opposed gay marriage. The question was asked by celeb blogger Perez Hilton, the self-titled Queen of all Media. She said her peace, lost out and then became the darling of all gay bashing Conservatives in the US. The funny thing is as well that she isn't even pretty. 

It makes you wonder two things. Firstly, what state are the US beauty pageants in today and secondly, is she also running against Obama in 2012?

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