Monday, 6 July 2009

FASHION IN POLITICS on The Daily Mirror's website

All hail the political agenda of fashion!

According to the Guardian the latest slogan T-shirts simply must be political.

New York's The Fit Museum are hosting an exhibition this July called Fashion & Politics which looks at 200 years of politics expressed through fashion.

Or take a look at this indepth musing on the inter-relationship of politics and fashion by trendy fashion writer David Hellqvist too.

Here's my manifesto du jour - a Get the Look inspired by the hot chick in the latest Talib Kweli video, above.

This track means a lot to me because the artists have helped define my political views through great beats.

There's the fashion and politics.

I simply typed "yellow dress" into Ebay to see what came up. Then I just picked a dress I liked! You don't need to buy exact copies - just use what you like as a starting point and see what you find.

You know, really good style is always personal and therefore timeless.

How will you express your political views this summer?

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