Friday, 18 September 2009

The Guardian's Top Twenty Most Read About Politicians (More interesting than it sounds...)

1. Margaret Thatcher
2. Barack Obama
3. Lembit Öpik
4. Tony Blair
5. George Galloway
6. Gordon Brown
7. Michael Martin
8. Alan Johnson
9. David Miliband
10. Vince Cable
11. George Osborne
12. Alistair Darling
13. William Hague
14. Peter Mandelson
15. Harriet Harman
16. Jack Straw
17. Nick Clegg
18. John Bercow
19. Boris Johnson
20. David Cameron

This clearly comes as a shock, especially since it's from the Guardian's liberal website! Most talked about - Margaret Thatcher! Obama is obvious, but Öpik and Galloway before Brown? And not to mention the shadow of Tony Blair still lingering about in the Top Five...

Another interesting fact - David Cameron makes the Top 20 in last place. He and his (lack of) policies are apparently not of interest...One surprising late comer is Boris Johnson, who only comes in at 19...You'll have to work on that, BoJo!

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