Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Erdem Can't Decide - Left or Right!?

Conference season is coming to an end; the Conservatives only have a couple of days left. This marks the early beginning of the election campaign for the May 2010 election! That's all good of course, but at FiP we're also anxious to see what the First Lady and First Lady In Waiting wore. Not surprisingly they both went British. Erdem might be born in Turkey but he lives, operates and shows in London.

Cameron went for a sober black jacket-and-trouser combination, whilst Brown injected colours in her printed dress. SamCam also wore high street pieces (trousers from Jigsaw, a silky, top from Whistles, and high heels from Zara) and the jacket, according to the Daily Telegraph, was one or two seasons old. She's truly one of the people!

Still, I think Sarah Brown came away the winner. It's a conference after all and she introduced her husband - of course you should dress up. And She did that within limits as well; we didn't want her in a silky Versace number on that stage. Go Labour! No, I mean Go Sarah! Oh no, of course I mean Go Erdem!

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