Thursday, 15 October 2009

Nazi Gnomes

It's almost 70 years to the day since WWII started and, not surprisingly, there are still raw and ugly wounds form that time. The generations that lived through those times are still with us and, luckily, they can help spread wisdom and testify about the sort of events we must never forget about.

Saying that though, there is an almost extreme fear among us, and especially in countries like Germany and Japan, to deal with this part of history in any other context than history lessons and anti-fascist manifestations.

So when artists like Ottmar Hörl wrestle the subject of nazism in his art, there was always going to be trouble. In his work Dance With The Devil, Hörl created 1,250 Hitler saluting gnomes, which are lined up in the town of Straubing, close to Munich.

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