Monday, 7 December 2009

Sarah Brown Hearts Naomi Campbell

While her husband is struggling with keeping Hollywood A-listers Renee and Reese apart, Sarah Brown has taken the celebrity No. 10 celebrity flirt a step further through making ex super model Naomi Campbell her "21st-century heroine". The nomination comes as part of the latest issue of Hapers Bazaar, edited by Lucy Yeoman. The choice was, apparently, in light of Naomi's frequent charity work, as opposed to all her convictions of GBH. Sarah Brown's reasoning goes as follow:
"The Naomi Campbell I had heard about was beautiful, successful, always late, a bit frightening, even a bit out of control," she writes in the magazine. "[The] Naomi Campbell I met [was] certainly beautiful, but also sincere, direct, and impatient in a good way."

Gordon Brown's Man of the Century must surely be either Chris Brown or Tiger Woods then...

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