Monday, 7 December 2009

Swedish department store PUB have decided to not sell NOKO jeans, which are made in North Korea. The Stockholm store gave quit the brand half an hour before the store opened and the launch of the black jeans. PUB's director, Rene Stephansen, said: "For us this is not a question of Noko Jeans – this is a question about a political issue that PUB doesn't want to be associated with. He added that the store was "not the forum" for a conversation about about Kim Jong-il.

NOKO jeans' Jakob Olsson responded that "I sincerely hope (PUB) will remove everything labelled 'made in China' as well." His colleague Jacob Åström added: "This is not a support project [for Kim Jong Il], but is a way for us to get closer to the country and, in a controversial fashion, shake this isolation up a bit." 
Talk about PC Gone Mad...

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