Thursday, 29 April 2010

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Style File: Miriam Clegg
JULIA NEEL 28 April 2010

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez - aka Mrs Nick Clegg - has made a reputation for herself as a no-nonsense woman who works hard and is taken seriously. Whereas her rival wives in the race for Number 10 - Samantha Cameron and Sarah Brown - have been pictured with their husbands in an array of headline-making outfits, international trade lawyer Miriam has quietly gone about her own business.

"I don't have a job I can abandon for five weeks and I imagine that's true for most people," she told the Daily Mail in April of her comparative absence from her husband's side during the campaign.

"Miriam has shown that it's not always best to be everywhere and wearing the loudest colours," says David Hellqvist of Fashion in Politics. "She has been going to work and getting on with life, which has earned her kudos from the press and the public."
Be that as it may, we have seen a penchant for elegantly feminine dresses and neat separates from the Liberal Democrat leader's wife and she's often pictured with her ready-for-anything, across the body satchel by Bimba & Lola.

But does what the leaders' wives wear bear any reflection on the outcome of the election? "What the wives wear is of course irrelevant to Westminster politics and policies," Hellqvist goes on. "But the ladies' looks say something about the person behind the politician, and we are after all in the process of voting for one of them as the new Prime Minister. So they matter very much in that sense. Saying that, though, it is pretty fun seeing SamCam and Sarah Brown competing in their 'Who Can Wear The Most Erdem Dresses Race'."

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