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The Spin | The Race is On
— April 27, 2010—
David Hellqvist tries to make sense of the sartorial choices of World Leaders in his fortnightly column The Spin

Animated Debate still Taken from an animation by El Mysterioso, origianl image by New Folder

The race is on; the General Election is around the corner but the biggest political news to emerge over the last few weeks of campaigning is not the Bordon Brown’s sense of humour – sorry, that’s meant to be Gordon – or David Cameron’s love of the NHS. No, it’s the apparent existence of a third party and its leader, Nick Clegg. I know – who?

Admittedly that’s a bit unfair: most people of course know of the Liberal Democrats, but hard working TV reporters often don’t stop looking until they find an interviewee who sees a picture of Clegg and think he’s the guy who sold them their new car last week. The reason for this change of direction in the election campaign is primarily Clegg’s impressive performance in the two recent Leader Debates. But to be honest, all Clegg had to do was to point at Brown and Cameron and say “I’m not them!”

Also Vince Cable, Clegg’s political wife, helped out. When both other party leaders showed off their spouses at the start of the campaign, Clegg brought along his financial guru for a cuddle and photo opportunities. But the successful marriage makes sense: while SamCam and SarBro fight over the latest Erdem dress, Clegg’s man wife is busy planning the country’s economical recovery.

Speaking of wives, Clegg’s real spouse, Miriam, often refuses to compromise her day job as a solicitor to appear as Lib Dem arm candy. But a recent Clegg interview in GQ suggests that Miriam might want to keep an eye on her husband. Journalist Piers Morgan made the Cleggster admit to having bedded “no more than 30 women,” which might seem as an optimistic figure, but let’s face it, Clegg’s the most attractive one out of the PM wannabe trio.

There is very little to say about how Nick Clegg dresses, except for the fact that if you saw the three party leaders without showing their faces, you would be able to pick Bordon out because he’s got the most generous chest size; Cameron would stick out because of his manicured finger nails; while the only thing to give Clegg away is that awful yellow tie he always wear. Wouldn’t you love it if Clegg and the Lib Dems changed party colours to black, silver or maybe even gold, just anything but…yellow!

David Hellqvist is a freelance journalist for AnOther Man, Dazed & Confused, i-D,ZOO and a Contributing Editor to American website JC Report

The original animation can be seen here

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